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Sailmaking Support Systems - Greenland, NH - 603 431 6004

Sailmaking Support Systems is committed to providing the Sailmaking industry with services such as sail washing and Sailkoting that lend themselves to specialization outside the specific sail loft.

"WOW!! Yesterday was the first time I have been out sailing since I received my sails back. They are terrific!! The boat sailed well, the water ran off the sails as advertised and when furling, the sails furled easier and tighter in the mast and on the forestay than they ever have. Very nice job!!"-- Jim Wohlleber, Technical Editor, C470's Mainsheet Magazine, "BECKONING" - Hull #76

Protect your Sails from Mildew

Prevent unsightly mildew growth before it happens by Sailkoting your sails with SAILKOTE™ Plus. A derivative of McLube, SAILKOTE™ Plus has an anti-mildew additive that fights mildew before it starts.

This unique dry lubricant also offer many benefits for the cruising and racing sailor beyond mildew prevention, such as easier sail handling and decreased water absorption of nylon sails. Learn more

"Thank you very much for your prompt response to my need for sail repair. You gave me the best service I have ever received anywhere for anything!" -- Don Stover, "Yacht Jewel"

Solutions for Sailmakers

Sailmaking Support Systems offers many solutions for sailmakers. Please contact us to learn how we can help you.

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